Gestió Solidària is a non-profit project which puts talent and experience to the service of solidarity.

We combine talent

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Gestió Solidària

The project

Our project was born after we realized that in the current environment of crisis many third-sector organisations are unable to handle the internal managementactivities which are so important for their proper functioning.

Usually, many organizations allocate their resources towards their natural activity, thus impoverishing their own internal quality.

We think that, in the long run, this implies a decrease in the whole quality of the entity’s management.

We know that many professionals with a high level of management experience would want to contribute with their knowledge and experience in parallel with their work by supporting actions. At the same time, we are aware of the difficulty of finding the right project.

This is why  Gestió Solidària, was born, to reconcile the needs of management in the third sector with the desire of many professionals to use their knowledge for altruistic purposes.

We aim to facilitate contact between these two worlds so that  actions of management support become present improvements to face the future with greater strength.

The team

  • We are 11 friends who think that collaboration means getting involved and engaged with your beliefs, because hiding behind excuses for not changing the things we disapprove of does not make much sense..
  • We are 11 parents who want a different world for our children, and who want them to experience existing social reality from childhood, and to feel a part of some of the changes that are possible.
  • We are 11 management professionals who have undertaken a long career path and have a wide experience in very different sort of organizations.
  • We are 11 citizens who believe that the most powerful changes are those which are generated by the civil society, and that the impacts of small changes are expansive.
  • We are 11 partners who share the idea that collaboration generates a great number of synergies that change things.
We are eleven people, women and men committed to the present in order to make a better future, who have decided to make an idea based on solidarity and talent become true.

Camino Calvo, Sílvia Cambra, Albert Fernández, Jordi Gay, Marta Grau, Consol Ibáñez, Xavier Lamarca, Judit Murlans, Joan Plans, Montse Pichot and Alicia Roca.


The experts

We have the support of the Committee of Experts, a group of people with long career paths and who are willing to collaborate directly in the whole process by providing knowledge and experience in different business areas.



In order to have Solidar Professionals in all areas, we have created the figure of the Coordinator. In Catalonia, we already have two Coordinators: One in the region of Girona and another in Camp de Tarragona. With their help, we can cover projects in larger areas and count on having Professionals closer.


So we started to make Gestió Solidària


We collaborate with entities in fields of internal management

How we work

We work in the following areas: People Management, Innovation, Strategy and Marketing.

Professionals and third sector organisations contact us.

We analyse their requests and the expertise offered by our expert collaborators. We ensure that both sides can establish a profitable relationship over a specific period of time.

The people who make their time and expertise available to others work on a totally disinterested basis, and adapt themselves, for limited periods, to the requested organisational needs.  The relationship will proceed within a very clear framework managed by the Association.

The relationship has a very clear framework and is managed by the association.

We always carry out a follow-up to check whether all participants have achieved the desired objectives.

We put talent and experience to the service of solidarity.

Supportive professionals

If you are a professional in business management areas and you want to offer some of your time to help with activities to support the management in third-sector organisations, now you have the opportunity. Give us your contact details, and we will contact you soon.

You only have to fill in this form as a Supportive Professional.


Thank you very much for you willingness in sharing your time and knowledge with us.


Contact us if you are a third-sector organisation and need help or advice on any of your internal management projects and if you believe that a supportive professional can add value.

We will analyze your request and we will put you in contact with a Supportive Professional who will work at your side until the project ends.

Please read the conditions for Personal Data protection before sending this form.



Gestió Solidària has signed collaboration agreements with some entities:
  • ECOM
  • FCD
  • Mentoria Social

Social Enterpreneurs

We collaborate with social entrepreneurs in the early stages of building their businesses, with the aim of solving an existing social problem in a profitable way which is sustainable over time.

We analyse and value each request so as to remain faithful to our values and bring talent which contributes to social improvement.

Social entrepreneurs take advantage of business to transform social reality, and that is why we are at their side.

If this is your situation, and if you think you need solidarity talent, please give us your details and we will contact you.

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