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If you like the Gestió Solidària Project, your company can become a Friendly Company.

A Friendly Company is advertised in our web in order to make its contribution stand out and specially highlight its commitment to solidarity, which should make all people who belong to it feel they are part of a creative project in which they can take part in a very direct way.

The Gestió Solidària Team offers two annual visits to the supportive company with the aim of explaining the project to the whole staff, after which GS will be open to persons who are willing to belong to the GS community by becoming a Supportive Professional. The Friendly Company will receive a distinction which can be advertised, if it considers appropriate, as an initiative like Gestió Solidària fits in with the good practices of CSR (Corporate Social Reponsibility).

Therefore, and specially because you are a company which shares the values of Gestió Solidària, we want you to belong to this idea which can be shared by all those who agree to it.

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