The project

Our project was born after we realized that in the current environment of crisis many third-sector organisations are unable to handle the internal managementactivities which are so important for their proper functioning.

Usually, many organizations allocate their resources towards their natural activity, thus impoverishing their own internal quality.

We think that, in the long run, this implies a decrease in the whole quality of the entity’s management.

We know that many professionals with a high level of management experience would want to contribute with their knowledge and experience in parallel with their work by supporting actions. At the same time, we are aware of the difficulty of finding the right project.

This is why  Gestió Solidària, was born, to reconcile the needs of management in the third sector with the desire of many professionals to use their knowledge for altruistic purposes.

We aim to facilitate contact between these two worlds so that  actions of management support become present improvements to face the future with greater strength.