By Social Coaching we understand the process that takes place between a coaching professional and a client who, after becoming unemployed, is seeking help to achieve a goal through a better understanding of their situation and of the resources they have available to face a new stage of life.

The Social Coaching is also developed for Third Sector Managers who need to improve or develop their professional abilities.

In this relationship, both coach and client are supportive professionals or Third Sector Entities. In this way, we maintain the values that inspire us as an association within the framework of talent sharing.

Social Coach

A solidarity professional holding a coaching official certification and  professional expertise in the field, who must be committed to running four sessions, and who agrees to be monitored in each process by a senior coaching manager who plays the role of the sponsor, as we do in all the projects of Gestió Solidària.Are you a coach or a client willing to take part in this project? Please send us an e-mail to .


  • A supportive professional who is currently unemployed and who wants support in the form of coaching to help them understand their situation and find new tools with which to face the future.
  • Third Sector Entity Manager that needs to develop his professional abilities.